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Our goal is to provide the best environment for people with disabilities so they can live independent lives with as much assistance as they need.

We have a full team of professionals who support our clients in countless ways in group homes, community activities and at our Riverside Habilitation Center, a day programming facility.

Clients connect regularly with outstanding direct support professionals, licensed practical nurses, registered nurses, dietitians, social workers, maintenance crews and office staff.

Depending on the settings, appropriate staff members provide a full range of support:

  • Assisting with meals (including registered dietician services)
  • Helping clients around the home
  • Providing help with hygiene and personal care
  • Taking medicines
  • Accompanying clients on special outings
  • Guiding on social interactions
  • Helping with gross motor skills
  • Providing physical, occupational, and speech therapy services
  • Ensuring that medical needs are met, including dental, vision and psychiatric services (i.e. appointments with physicians and treatment at hospitals)
  • Keeping records

All of these and other services honor our clients while they live as independently as possible while having positive experiences.

For more information or assistance, please call 330-273-5494 or Contact Us.

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